Providing nourishment to 165 seniors daily at the Senior Center is no easy task, but we've got help! Alan Matney, Cam-Chi Ho, and Pat Brown lend a hand every day by manning the sign-in desk and serving trays to seniors with limited mobility.

Alan, who was recently awarded the Elbert C. Cole Jr. Legacy Award by the George H. Nettleton Foundation, has graciously served wherever needed every day for over 12 years. 

Cam-Chi has been serving trays to the Vietnamese seniors for four years, and while some may think that language would be a barrier in the serving line, her smiles and hugs communicate her joy and willingness to serve.

Pat Brown keeps everyone on their toes with her quick wit and compassionate heart. She has been helping out so long, she can’t remember when she started. When asked why she continues to serve, Pat responded, “I love it. I love helping people.”