The Mpanga family has much to celebrate. The family is pictured above at Jolie's high school graduation where she earned honors and a scholarship to Central Missouri University. Her sister Antoinette completed the CNA program at Penn Valley in May, and their father Tshibasu received his Automotive Technology degree from Vatterott College the next day.
     The Mpangas arrived in Kansas City in June 2013 after living for ten years in a refugee camp in Namibia, Africa upon fleeing their home in The Republic of Congo to escape religious and sectarian persecution.
     Tshibasu took English classes at Don Bosco, was hired to do maintenance work at the school, and worked part time at the Senior Center to assist with summer meal deliveries. When full-time work became available, Tshibasu’s wife Regine and son Justin took over his jobs at Don Bosco.
     Justin earned his Phlebotomy certificate from St. Luke’s, where he is currently employed, while attending full-time classes at UMKC. He hopes to work in the medical field. Valentine is also an outstanding student and his prowess on the soccer field earned him a spot on East High’s varsity team, as well as an invitation to play on a premier team.
     Nicholas, Mary, Anna, and Maura keep things lively at home. While this amazing family takes deep pride in their heritage, they have embraced their new culture and are working hard to make their American dreams come true!