Our story


Our story

Touching Lives

For over 75 years!

The Don Bosco Senior Center helps seniors age 60 and over, and adults with disabilities, maintain independent living by providing meals, transportation, fellowship, and activities that promote health, education, and recreation. Based on Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) guidelines, the Don Bosco Senior Center is the largest, most comprehensive senior center in the Greater Kansas City area.  Through a Meals on Wheels program, Don Bosco delivers an average of 400 hot, nutritious meals each day and serves an additional 180 hot meals onsite at the Senior Center each day. 


We serve clients from over 75 countries at The Don Bosco Centers.


The Don Bosco Center ESL School provides free English classes to adult immigrants and refugees from over 75 countries and vastly differing life situations.  Our English as a Second Language Program, through a valuable partnership with the Independence School District, has grown to be the largest in Kansas City region.  Through the utilization of life skills-based curriculum, our program offers eight-levels of English instruction, Workforce Development classes, technology classes, Citizenship Test Preparation, and High School Equivalency classes. 

How We Help

Food provision                

Home Delivery                      

On-Site Meals


ESL courses

English Language/Literacy Classes

Basic Computer Classes

Health & Wellness

Health Screenings & Education

Exercise Classes & Equipment


adult Education

Basic Skills Instruction

Citizenship Preparation


Birthday Parties

BINGO, Pokeno, Crafts, & More


Job Readiness

HiSET Exam Preparation

Career Preparation & Training

What’s Going On at the Centers?


Annual Report

For the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year

Annual Report

For the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year

When you think of “independence”—what comes to mind?

The word means something different to each of us—including our clients at Don Bosco. Depending on their circumstances, independence could mean the freedom to:

  • leave the house

  • eat a hot meal every day

  • safely acquire the knowledge and skills to support themselves and their families

  • learn how to read to their children

These examples are just a snapshot of the opportunities for independence we provide here at Don Bosco. Consistent with our mission to promote self-sufficiency, we believe promoting independence is central to empowering our clients to improve their lives.

Without you, we cannot offer these and many other opportunities for independence. We include this 2017-2018 Annual Report so you can see exactly who you help empower.

Thank you for all the important work you do!