English as a Second Language Center

The Don Bosco Centers has been providing free English classes to adult immigrants and refugees for over 30 years. More than 50,000 new Americans, from over 75 countries and vastly differeing life situations, have benefited from the English as a Second Language Center.


Learning English is a considerable challenge for many new Americans, and for some, it can seem almost impossible; however, by learning English adult immigrants can


  • move ahead at their current jobs or find a better one
  • get their GED or take post-secondary classes
  • become a United States citizen
  • better communicate with neighbors, friends, and in everyday life like at the doctor, at the store, or with their children's teachers


The ESL's 8 class levels teach eight subject areas:


Reading      Writing      Speaking      Vocabulary

Listening     Grammar    Pronunciation   American Life Skills


The Don Bosco program is offered in partnership with Independence School District.  Students are tested at registration to determine their English skill level, and then enrolled into the appropriate class. The curriculum is designed to teach not only the language, but also aspects of American daily life, culture, and traditions.


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